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ASP.NET News & Content Scroller
powered by ParaScroller
ParaScroller is a ASP.NET control which allows developers inexpensive and easy implementation of news/content scrolling capabilities.  Simply add it to your toolbar and drag the control onto a web form.
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Main Features...
  • Download and use in minutes
  • Cross Browser Compatible - Supports IE, NN & FF
  • No Java Applets! More browser compatibility
  • Scrolls Text Vertically
  • Databind to collections and databases
  • Stops When Hovered Over
  • Optional Hyperlink(same or new window)
  • Full HTML formatting support
  • Very Inexpensive (FREE)
Cost / Licensing 
  • You can use the free version without a license key, this version has a grayed out link to our site at the bottom of the scroller
  • You can add a link to our site from your site and we will give you the license key
  • You can pay $20 for the license key - Click Here To Purchase

Thats right FREE!  just link to us and we will give you the license key which removes the ad at the bottom of the scroller.  Here is a sample of the link we require on your site...

ParaScroller - ASP.NET News & Content Scroller

Just drop us an email when you have the link to our site up and we will give you the license key


Sample Code - See this code in action above (last message on scroller)
Dim msg As New Paradigm.Message
msg.MessageTitle = "Great New Product"
msg.MessageBody = "<font color=""8000000"">Come pay us thousands for our great products</font>"
msg.MessageURL = "
msg.MessageURLNewWindow = True

Properties Methods
  • BackColor
  • BorderColor
  • BorderWidth
  • Visible
  • Height
  • Width
  • ImageLoadDelayMs
  • Messages
    • .Add(NewMessage As Paradigm.Message)
    • .Add(Title As String, Body As String, URL As String, URLNewWindow As Boolean)